“One Too”, directed by Hadrien Fiere, with Laëtitia Legrix & Pauline Falzon

“Anything”, directed by Billy Montoya (freely inspired by non-parodic horror movie “Birdemic” and “The Room”), with Billy Montoya, Amélie Repetto, Pauline Falzon, Alexis Brunelle and Raphaël Périssé). Also writted & edited by Billy Montoya. Oh, and also starring Billy Montoya (the man behind the whole idea… oh hi Mark !)

“Sometimes”, edited by Amélie Repetto, with old ads & extracts of “Supertrash” movie by Martin Esposito (Mother & Son Production – 2013)

“Concession Speech”, by Amélie Repetto

“Lillies”, by Amélie Repetto

“Empty Second Sky”, directed by Sébastien Cléro, co-directed by GR Wave, with Florence Valéro (and also SPDX crew : Hugo, Amélie, Alexis, Billy)

“The Sound of the Ocean”, by Amélie Repetto

“Euro Debout” (Euro 2016 parody football anthem), by Billy Montoya feat. Staircase Paradox

“Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others” (The Smith cover) live @Le Buzz (Paris)

“One Too” (#BasementTakes session)

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